Founder & CEO

I attended the University of Toronto for Engineering. Although I took a more unconventional route to finance, it taught me the core skills of not only how to learn, but more importantly, how to fail yet keep moving forward!

After that, I started my career at RBC Investment Banking. It was a crash course in effort and learning and accelerated my career meaningfully at a very young age – and helped me figure out what I really wanted in my life and career.

I love building unique products that people love, and that change their lives for the better. But I’m most proud of the people I’ve inspired to join me along the way, and the daily effort and constant challenges that come with building a great business. I skip to work every day because I don’t see it as work.

My goal for the future of Purpose Unlimited has always been to set a high standard that inspires my industry peers and helps move our industry forward. We start with the mindset that if our customers win, we win. Leading our industry through innovation can drive systemic change. While it takes time, the ripple effect is profound.