Jeff Gans Portrait


Head of Platform Advisors

I attended Swarthmore College for my BA in International Relations and earned an MBA from Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. After that, my career path took me to roles at Ameriprise Financial before becoming the Head of HNW Investment Management at TD Wealth. Along the way, I learned how to work closely with advisors and help them build their own successful practices.

At Advisor Solutions by Purpose, I love that we’re building a new, cutting-edge model that allows advisors to run their own practices the way that best fits themselves and the needs of their clients. We’re creating a better advisor and client experience that improves their relationship while helping both reach their long-term goals more effectively.

I think Purpose Unlimited is changing the future of the financial services industry by providing new options and opportunities for people with limited choices while at the same time helping consumers and business owners achieve success.