Chief Growth Officer

I was born in a small town in Quebec. I loved that this tiny town offered all kinds of sports and opportunities for young people. When I was 11, I took my first job as a paperboy. I loved walking my route on those early winter mornings – no light, no activity – only the sound of my footsteps crunching in the snow.

My career has afforded me a diverse array of experiences in the corporate and start-up worlds and everything in between! Through it all, I have been extremely fortunate to be constantly surrounded by incredible teams of talented people, many of whom I now call friends.

I'm proud of the risks we've taken together, the funding we were able to attain for various endeavours, and the milestones we've hit over the years. But what I value most is that I’ve had the opportunity to shape – and be shaped by – the incredible minds and initiatives of those around me.

As a former entrepreneur, I’m thrilled to be working for a company that goes to bat for small businesses when they need it most. I’ve financed many projects over the years, and each experience brought the emotional rollercoaster of raising the required funds to bring new concepts and dreams to life.

I can personally relate to these emotionally intense moments from my own experiences. What we do matters on a human level, as each of our clients has their own dreams, as well as the uncertainties that come along with them.