Chief Financial Officer

I attended York University for Business. I loved the intense program with leading professors who taught based on real-world case studies. It was a great environment to work with other students, and I’ve developed not only a professional network from it but lifelong friends as well.

Since then, I’ve worked in financial services ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to large international institutions, including CIBC World Markets, Dundee Bank of Canada, Xceed Mortgage Corporation, and MCAN Mortgage Corporation. Along the way, I learned how working with a great team leads to amazing outcomes.

At Purpose Unlimited, I’m constantly inspired by the team I work with and their passion for making our company grow and succeed – a fantastic sense of personal dedication runs throughout our organization.

Together, we will change the way our industry looks at customers and their needs. We’re driven to help our clients achieve success. While an emphasis on the customer is a common theme at many companies, it’s the integrity and focus with which that value is applied at Purpose Unlimited that genuinely sets us apart.